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Nun Juliania (Denisova) shares her experience of recovering

"My heart shall not fear." COVID Recovery

June 09, 2020

COVID situation has greatly improved at the Convent since this video was shot about 10 days ago. However, it remains relevant today as it focuses on the spiritual side of recovery. Thank you for your prayers, dear friends.

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3 years ago

br. Samuel

3 years ago
Dear sister Juliana,

Thanks God to recover you totaly from covid. You expirience during your illness and the spiritual way was verry down to earth. But that is the level God speaks to us. Even the absence of Pray and the feeling to be helpless without help from others especcially God toutch me. I live my monastic life in the west during 36 year and i follow the orthodox monastic world all the time. We as christians can't live without each other . We need unity. As litlle craetures we can do what we do. Praying for the world and for all. Thanks for sharing your expirience during your illness. I am in pray-contact with all the sisters and brothers in the monastic world.
God Bless.
brother Samuel ocso