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Forgiveness Sunday

Forgiveness Sunday. Expulsion of Adam and Eve

March 14, 2021

In this video Sr Irina and Sr Anastasia speak about Forgiveness Sunday and Expulsiom of Adam and Eve. Forgiveness Sunday, also called Cheesefare Sunday, is the final day of pre-Lent. It is the Sunday after Meatfare Sunday and the Sunday before the Sunday of Orthodoxy. As we begin the Great Lent, the Church reminds us of Adam’s expulsion from Paradise as well. God commanded Adam to fast (Gen. 2:16​), but he did not obey. Because of their disobedience, Adam and Eve were cast out of Eden and lost the life of blessedness, knowledge of God, and communion with Him, for which they were created. Both they and their descendents became heirs of death and corruption.

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