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Monastic Farmstead for Men Near Minsk

Monastic farmstead and rehabilitation centre for men at Lysaya Gora

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In 1998, the Convent acquired from the local authorities a parcel of land outside the village of Lysaya Gora designated for ancillary farming. Soon, the monastic farmstead was established, giving shelter to people in difficult life situations, the homeless, former prison inmates, sufferers from alcohol or drug dependency, and people with disabilities. Some 170 residents are staying at the farm at present, working under the supervision of the monastic sisters. The Convent provides them with essential clothing, food, personal hygiene items, medicines and other necessities.

The men work at the animal farm (looking after cattle, swine and poultry), in the fields (growing a variety of crops, in the garden and orchard  looking after the fruit trees, raspberries and currants), in the greenhouses, at the apiary, in the dog kennel, and at construction sites.

lay sister

They have weekly meetings and talks with a priest. Every Wednesday, an Akathist is read to the Icon of the Holy Mother of God “Inexhaustible chalice”. A liturgy is celebrated on Saturday, and vespers on the eve of every Sunday. Sunday classes are offered to all residents interested and willing to lean about the foundations of the Orthodox faith.


June 08, 2020
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2 years ago

Maria Laura Broasca

2 years ago
DEAR Sister Anastasia
May GOD bless you and put you in a garden of heaven for all the good oportunitys that you offer for us.Im glad that you giving us some informations about the monastery, im in ROMANIA, Cluj NAPOCA and i can not travel with this COVID TRIP,because they ask us to make a test, please remeber me in your prayers to come some times,,in this life there. The monastery is a beautiful choice for young people ,but alsow for old one,
Angels cover you and be smart every time,HRISTOS VOS CRESE
with humility small and sister BROASCA MARIA LAURA 0040 771 745 387

Sister Anastasia

2 years ago
Dear Maria,
Christ is in our midst,
Thank you so much for your sisterly message. We wish you are able to come for pilgrimage to our Convent. We will love to have you here.