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Positives of the Covid pandemic

Father Andrey Lemeshonok on the positives of the pandemic

April 02, 2021

In this video father Andrey answers a question that bothers millions of people today: why did God create diseases? What can be the positive impact of the Corona pandemic?

Let me take this question: Why did God create the virus? [sighs] God did not create this, or any other illness. Pestilences hit us after our falling from grace. But God allows them so that we repent. Again, if I someone asked me, “Would you like to return to life before pandemic?” Would not it be good? Would not you be popular again? Would not everyone be saying: “Father Andrey is wonderful!” But today, there is much less distance between me and God. So my answer is no. I am living in the moment. The pandemic, the turmoil … they have been tragic, of course. Yet they have tempered our souls; they have let us grow in the spirit in a genuine way.

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