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The life of a monastic sister

Foundations of monastic life

saint elisabeth convent

The Lord has called them, and the Sisters have followed. They have joined the Convent in order to recognize their sins, to repent of them and to devote their lives to serving God and neighbour.

The Sisters have chosen to leave behind their homes, their families, material wealth and honours. Instead, they acquired a way to learn to love God, the sole purpose of the monastic life.

The life of a monastic sister is filled with obedience. Obedience means voluntary renunciation of one's pride — a bloodless sacrifice that a sister brings to God's altar. Obedience is based on trust towards another sister, the abbess, and the spiritual father. It is not formal rigid discipline but rather eagerness to comply with God's will in all aspects of life.

Cutting off their own will and struggling with sinful protest and depression, the sisters go through changes until finally a new personality is born, a follower of Christ, a nun.

May 13, 2020
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