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The Hotel for visitors in St Elisabeth Convent, Minsk, Belarus

The Pilgrim’s House

Set right on the Convent grounds, our Pilgrim House can comfortably accommodate 125 persons.  This five-storied building opposite the Church of the Reigning icon was finished in 2016. Today the Pilgrim House offers its guests a variety of spotless rooms and spacious hallways with beautiful woodwork and stained glass windows designed by the Convent workshops.

Refectories on 1st and 2nd floors serve hearty and nutritious monastic food. The kitchenette on the 5th floor has everything necessary for relaxing and warm conversations over a cup of tea, from microwave and refrigerator to cups and teapots.

St Valentina chapel on the 5th floor is always open for those who wish to read morning or evening prayers. A prayer service with an Akathist to St Valentina of Minsk is held there every Wednesday at 6:30 PM.

the pilgrims house minsk

monastic guest house

Following a monastic tradition, men and women stay separately, unless accompanied by children.

Free Wi-Fi is available.

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