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Visiting Nurse Service of St Elisabeth Convent Minsk

Caregiving / visiting nurse service

history of the convent

A Visiting Nurse Service was set up in the Convent in the summer of 2014. It combines spiritual nurturing, psychological support, and everyday assistance for bedridden elderly patients. Thus, volunteers take care of their patients’ hygiene, clean their homes, and teach their relatives how to take care of their ill loved ones properly. Apart from that, severely ill people can use our tools and equipment, such as anti-be sore mattresses, medical beds, crutches, bedpans, urinals, and close-stools. Financially vulnerable patients can also receive financial aid in purchasing skin care products, such as nappies, wet wipes, soap, creams, gels, etc.

Today the Visiting Nurse Service of St Elisabeth Convent is a cohesive team of sisters and brothers who brush up on their knowledge, pick up new skills, and acquire valuable experience of interaction with severely ill people on a permanent basis. They come together to pray for their patients frequently.

PS: None of this would be possible without your help! Please consider donating towards our ministry, so that we can continue to bring Christ into those people’s lives!

May 07, 2020
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