Audiovisual studio of Saint Elisabeth Convent

Audiovisual studio

April 25, 2020

audiovisual studio

Ever since its launch in 2001, the studio has acted as a valuable resource of our Convent in its work in in the area of spiritual enlightenment and faith education. Starting with the production of audio recordings, the studio gradually progressed to video and film productions. In its present form, the studio, named in honour of the Holy Martyr John the Warrior, is active in audio, video and cartoon film production.

It has produced films of recognised artistic merit. The studio’s team have put to work their talent, experience and sincere faith to bring God’s love to every viewer and listener. Its first documentary, titled “The Path of Love” is dedicated to the establishment and early growth of the Convent of Saint Elisabeth. Over the time of its existence, the studio’s team have completed hundreds of projects.

At present, the studio is focused on audio productions.

One of its main activities is the recording of worship hymns, folk and original pieces performed by the Convent’s festive and lay sisters’ choirs under the general direction of Nun Juliania (Denisova).

The studio is also active in making video productions for children, full of kindness, light and excitement. Many of them are audio plays. The rich sound effects, vivid images of the heroes created by professional actors, and versatile musical background create the effect of full immersion in the story and its magical atmosphere.

audiovisual studio

The audio studio is open to artistic collaboration and partnerships. The studio has completed successful collaborative projects with Divna Luboevich and the choir “Melody”, the vocal groups “Vaganty”, “Ornament” and “Sretenye”, the Saint Petersburg Documentary Film Studio, the television channel “Glas”, prominent Christian Orthodox missionaries Fr. Artemius Vladimirov and Archpriest Andrey Tkachev, and multiple others.

Creating a good sound recording at a church can be likened to painting an icon with sound. By matching this difficult challenge, the studio’s team put the listeners in the midst of the worship service at the church and let them feel its splendour.

Disc after disc, and project after project, the team is searching for its own path towards God.

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