God's grace is a source of life within us

Celebrating the Divine Liturgy as a family

December 17, 2020

father sergius nezhbort liturgy

The Divine Liturgy is a shared blessing. We celebrate the liturgy just as we live our lives. When we are not strangers to others, when we can view the hardships and sorrows of life from multiple perspectives, then our fellow worshippers at the liturgy become our family. We can relate to them as our brothers and sisters - even when we may not know everyone by name. Whether we a singing, or reading, or praying in the altar or just standing at church, the liturgy becomes a shared celebration for all of us. This is the way for us to hold together in the Lord. Sometimes, we are not in unity with our church family, and any such moment is an occasion to question ourselves. Is it really because the reading is indistinct, and the singing poor? Or is it because we do not have enough life within us? With life, the singing will be brilliant and reading beautiful, and the Gospel will reach our hearts.

We should all keep the fire of life within us, and not let it die out. A sparkle of this fire is present in each of us, we just need to let it grow. There may be darkness in our souls, but should we open up and let God's grace come into us, there will be light, and we will blossom. We may have become used to the darkness, but we should challenge our imagination: a wealth of beauty is hiding within ourselves, we just need to trust our ability and potential. This is an attitude that we should all take.

May the Lord help you all.

Priest Sergius Nezhbort

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