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Ichthys school of St Elisabeth Convent

Creating better learning environment at the Convent’s School

orthodox school

The nursery and secondary school Ichthys based at Saint Elisabeth Convent has been active since 2015. At present, it has around 100 students aged 6 to 15. As a private institution of education, it charges tuition, although every effort is being made to keep the fees affordable to children from large and single-parent families.

The school follows the national curriculum, supplemented by a wide range of extracurricular activities, and the foundations of the Orthodox faith and culture taught at the request of the parents. The aim is not just to pass on to the student a body of knowledge, but also to cultivate valuable personal skills and Christian virtues, such as friendship, compassion, love and mercy. Attendance at liturgies and Sunday school classes is encouraged.

ichthys school

The numerous extracurricular activities include classical dance, animation, church art, music, and drama classes. All are open to children with disabilities from the nearby long term care institution and the community, creating an inclusive learning environment, cultivating in the children acceptance of another and helping to create a more humane and friendly atmosphere for people with disabilities within society. One of our success stories is the performances of the inclusive theatrical troupe joy, which has won the acclaim of the public within Belarus and internationally.

orthodox school

One current need of the school is for equipment to make the regular classes and extracurricular activities more engaging and interactive. This includes smart TV sets, interactive whiteboards and computers. Your support will be greatly appreciated.

If you are inspired by the commitment of Ichthys School and St Elisabeth Convent to teach these students Christian values and provide an excellent education, you can invest in the students’ and school’s future by clicking this link

Every donor will be personally thanked and included in the Сonvent’s liturgical prayer schedule.

May 19, 2020
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