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Keeping our closeness to God and our conversation with Him

God's love resurrects the world

sermon by spiritual father

God's love resurrects the world to eternal life. We are taking part in this resurrection, because we are members of the Church, and because the Church is our new world where Christ lives among us. When we forget about Christ in our lives or lose touch with Him in our hearts, we should not wait to repent and plead to Him: "Lord help us! We are going underneath! We are dying!”

Peter did the same, and so did the lepers: they touched His garment and were healed. So let us continue our journey forward with hope and faith in the power of God's love to heal us and give us strength. That way, we will overcome the many barriers and hurdles on our way.

We learn to reflect and make choices as we grow, and our world becomes quite different from the way it was when, as small children, we expected things to get done for us automatically. Our present lives look more like a never-ending race. Breaking free from the routine and the pressure to get things done ever more quickly is an uphill struggle. But with God, we are going to keep up. We get out of bed, we ask for God's help through the day and read our morning prayers. If we had slept in for work, we would feel rushed, so we might say on our way to work and have breakfast on the run. Other times, we have more time to slow down and reflect. We can have a more thoughtful conversation with God as we ask for His blessings for the day. Whatever our circumstances, we should always find the time to spend with God, share silence with Him, and put ourselves before Him.

Our lives are full of sorrows and troubles, but we should always make room for His love and His blessing. As we welcome God in our homes and embrace Him in our hearts, let us imagine ourselves having this honest conversation: "Let me know, O Lord, what You desire most. When You brought me into this world, what was Your intent? Did I come to eat and sleep, or to resist the works of the flesh, to find You and live by You?"

May God give us the strength to move forward and not despair; may we have His help as we proceed. God's power is manifest in weakness. (2 Corinthians 12: 9). All we need is to be humble enough to put our lives in God's hands. He will not leave us. We are never alone. How can we be alone if we know God?

With God, we have His love in our hearts. A heart like this is big enough to embrace the whole world. The saints were praying for the world, they had no time to complain that no one loved them. They gave their love to everyone. If we want to be loved, we need to give our love, too. Frequently, however, we love no-one but ourselves. Sitting in the limited space of an underground cell, we have very little sense of perspective. But the Lord lifts us, we look around and see the boundless horizons of His love. Do not wait for love and sympathy from others, but share them generously, and be the first to do so.

Archpriest Andrey Lemeshonok

January 25, 2021
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