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Kindness and compassion are steps towards God’s love

Let us fill our hearts with love

father sergius nezhbort sermon

In our lives as Christians, kindness and compassion are essential. But these days, they are in extremely short supply. I wish with all my heart that we had an abundance of these virtues. We need them to reach out to everyone, even to those who are not our friends, or do not share our views. We rely on them to remain sympathetic and not to become embittered. They protect us from the spirit of division that reigns in this world and wields its power over many people. Hopefully, we can all transform ourselves mentally and spiritually to let the love of God enter our hearts and souls.

For love is our only weapon against the spirit of hostility, which is even easier to catch than the Coronavirus. We can fight off the virus by wearing a mask and keeping our distance, but to keep at bay the spirit of hostility is much harder, as it attacks us from afar. Just a single thought, suspicion or mood can land us straight into the hands of our enemy.

So let us work hard to fill our hearts with the spirit of love.

Priest Sergius Nezhbort

Translated by Yulia Simm

April 01, 2021
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