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Social Ministry as an Expression of Love

On a Mission of Love: Social Ministry at St Elisabeth Convent

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We have been called upon by Christ for the service of love; we cannot afford to deny our compassion for the needy, whom the Lord refers to as the "least of these brothers and sisters of mine” (Matthew 25:40), or to withhold our best efforts to help them. In our works of charity, we are mindful of the old saying: “Worry not about a roaring storm, but about a tear of a needy person”.
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Our goal is not to create a heaven on earth by feeding all the hungry and clothing all the destitute. Our social ministry is an expression of our love and compassion for our neighbour. For the Lord, himself repeated many times that by helping the needy, we are doing a service to Him. We draw our inspiration from the Good Samaritan, who put aside his own daily tasks and took upon himself the care of a complete stranger of a different faith, expending a lot of effort and all the money he had at hand, and promised to help more if needed. So should our ministry reach out to everyone in need?

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Our main focus is on child and adult patients with mental disabilities who are in need of permanent care and attention; hospital patients, persons suffering from alcohol and drug dependency and their families, and the homeless and vulnerable.

May 04, 2020
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