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Brother and Sister United in Godliness

Saints Zenobius and Zenobia of Aegae, Martyrs for Truth

Saint Zenobius

Zenobius and Zenobia were brother and sister. Inheriting a large estate, they gave it away to the poor and dedicated their lives to the service of God. Zenobius was elected bishop of Silicia. They lived pious and righteous lives of asceticism and were rewarded by God with the gift of healing.

They served during the reign of the Roman emperor Diocletian, who unleashed a vicious prosecution of Christians. The Roman authorities arrested Zenobius and brought him to trial before the governor. The governor offered to spare his life if he renounced Christ and worshipped Pagan gods. Zenobius refused, saying that he would rather suffer torture on earth to live with the Lord in eternity than to extend his life on earth and then suffer eternal torment. The governor subjected him to cruel torture. Hearing of the torture, his sister Zenobia rushed to help her brother. She confessed her faith and was tortured next to him. Both remained faithful to the Lord to the very end.

November 12, 2023
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