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Examples of Generosity and Love at Our Rehabilitation Centres

Generosity is the only attire that never wanes

humanitarian aid from germany

The truth of this statement was experienced by the men and women residing on the premises of the Saint Elizabeth Convent.

The Convent is running two rehabilitation centres for men and women in difficult life situations who are struggling with alcohol and drug dependencies and have no home or family. Some 200 people are presently under their care.

humanitarian aid

Recently, the centres received a donation of essential clothing for the residents, including winter and light jackets, raincoats, t-shirts, gloves and other relevant items. The donation came from the German company KWS SAAT SE. The company is based in Einbeck and is a producer of hybrid crops.

humanitarian aid for monastic farmstead

Clothing is an important unmet need for the residents, and assistance from compassionate people can do a lot to help them change their lives.

Brother Valery, the focal point for donations to the rehabilitation centre for men had this to say: “We have an acute shortage of male clothing, and are grateful to everyone who is willing to help. We open our doors to different kinds of people, and many come to us hungry and inadequately dressed. We bathe them, clothe them and do our best, with God’s help, to get them into shape. Although we know that some are not going to stay very long, we strive to provide everyone with appropriate clothing“.

humanitarian aid for people in need

The Convent and the Sisterhood extend their sincere thanks to its German donors - Larissa Korzun, Anke Hahlbrock; Sandra Arnemann; Stephan Krings; Marco Elsner; Pia Werner and Melanie Bachmann.

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March 03, 2021
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