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Ichthys Christian Orthodox School

June 18, 2020

The Saint Elisabeth Belarusian Orthodox Convent runs and maintains the Ichthys Christian Orthodox School. The school has been active since 2015.

Because of the school’s commitment to Christian values and the students’ excellent academic results, enrollment at Ichthys has increased.

The education offered to students is grounded in God’s truth and has great transformative power. Additionally, the school forms an important part of our social ministry, as the students are the future parents, leaders, and citizens.

Watch Father Andrew visit the school and share some wisdom with the students

As a recognized institution of secondary education, Ichthys Christian Orthodox School offers all the subjects required by the national school curriculum, such as languages, mathematics, sciences, or social studies. Most importantly, the teachers emphasise the development of a Christian worldview and understanding. This prepares students to become both courageous Christians and citizens. 

The school’s relatively small size (about 100 students in Grades 1 – 6) and a low “student-to-teacher” ratio allow the school to provide an individualized approach to every student. It also builds a friendly and caring environment.

As one student shared,I like it very much over here. We are good friends with everybody in my class, and with the children from the other classes. I enjoy the prayer, the dancing and the drawing lessons. There are so many interesting things to choose from. Everyone is very kind and caring.- Masha, 8, a student in Grade 2.

This year, about thirty new students were admitted. To the school, this is a sign of recognition and achievement, but it is also a challenge. The school struggles to raise the resources to welcome its new students while advancing the existing ones to higher grades.

There is also a need to recruit more talented teachers for primary and middle grades, acquire more equipment, furniture and technology. The students promoted to Grade 7 are beginning to study new subjects, such as chemistry and physics, so new teaching aids and lab equipment will need to be acquired.

support ichthys school

If you are inspired by the commitment of Ichthys School and St Elisabeth Convent to teach these students Christian values and provide Orthodox education, you can invest in the students’ and school’s future by clicking this link.

Every donor will be personally thanked and included in the Сonvent’s liturgical prayer schedule.

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