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First recovered from COVID-19 in the Convent

Father Vasily and two monastic sisters have recovered from COVID-19

father vasily

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ! It gives us great joy to share with you the good news: two of our monastic sisters who were the first to be diagnosed with COVID-19 have fully recovered. Our greetings go to Nun Alexia (Yudina) and Nun Paraskeva (Gornostaeva). Nun Alexia is not only free from the virus, but has also achieved significant improvements in her chronic conditions.

We rejoice at the recovery, by God’s mercy, of Archpriest Vasily Lesko, aged 92! Reportedly, when the doctors who treated him asked him what had given him the strength, Father Vasily replied: “the love of Our Lord Jesus Christ and the prayers of the people with loving hearts”. Father Vasily is now with his family in a village in southern Belarus.

Let us all celebrate the recovery of our sisters and Father Vasily and send our praise and prayers to our Lord for having them back with us!

May 09, 2020
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3 years ago

Nellie D. Aston

3 years ago
WOW! PRAISE BE TO GOD!. It's very joyful to read that elderly people survived this nasty virus. Thanks be to GOD!. Although I am not an Orthodox and live nowhere close to Minsk. I thoroughly enjoy reading your online news articles.

I love everything you do to make this world a better place to live!.

May the Almighty God bless you all!