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Textile and Felting Workshop of St Elisabeth Convent

Textile and Felting Workshop

hand-made toys

The main product of the Convent’s textile and felting workshop are original hand-made toys.

They are made entirely from natural materials.

Because our toys are not mass-produced, every item is different from the other. Great attention is paid to every detail and the overall image and character of the toy. We do not use glue to attach the eyes, but sew them on or draw them with a paintbrush.

textile and felting workshop

The toys are stuffed with buckwheat pod, a material obtained from the dry external layer of buckwheat seeds. This makes the toys very nice to touch and suitable for stress relief and indoor play activities.

The pillows made with buckwheat pod have therapeutic properties by redistributing body weight away from the spine and providing point massage of the head and neck.

May 12, 2020
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Nadia Moldoveanu


I would like a nun and monk doll, each of them with a cross and praying; to be possible to place them on their knees for praying with children. Is it possible, please? Let me know the cost.

Thank you very much,