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Trusting the Lord and following Him as the way forward

Thank the Lord and follow His way

sermon father valeriy

Sometimes, we find ourselves in situations of choice, but we cannot get ourselves to decide because doing so would force us to re-evaluate past lives and admit our mistakes. Recognising our wrongs is not simple. Yet the Gospel teaches us that nothing impure will ever enter the kingdom of heaven, nor will anyone who does what is shameful or deceitful (Revelation 21: 27). These words show the reality of our lives. It is as if God is asking us, “Do you trust in Me? Do you believe that I have enough depth to bring change? If yes, trust in me. If not, keep looking for excuses (which many of us do!).”

How do we balance our life in eternity with the daily tasks of our finite life on earth? How can we carry on with our works on earth and still remember for Whom we are doing it? We do not exist solely to achieve some worldly goals; we live to please God! But what does pleasing God mean for us? It means to be His servants; to do His will; to wish and act in the same way as He would. It means being thankful to God for our accomplishments and not be proud of them. Thank the Lord and follow His way.

Priest Valery Zakharov

January 14, 2023
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Thank you, for shedding light into confusion.