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How to see a universe and miracle of God in every man

We can all help others to realise their potential

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Every human being is an infinite world, an immortal soul and a miraculous work of God, which He repeats with every new birth. The universe inside us is as fragile as it is beautiful. How can we keep it undefiled and sustain its beauty? What words can we find to help everyone flourish and shine and not wither in the dark?

It is up to us to help everyone realise their potential. The Lord wants all of us to disclose our full worth in its magnificence and splendour. Yet, as Apostle Paul wrote, two natures dwell in us, one that delights in God's law, and the other that rebels against it (Romans 7: 18-24). In our lives, we meet people in different states of mind. Which of the two natures are we willing to notice? Are we going to paint the man black, or help him disclose his divine nature and glow in full splendour? Are we prepared to follow the example of our Lord, Who helps us rid ourselves of all the layers of sin that we allow to form through our negligence, short-sightedness or forgetfulness, and reveal our true nature?

When we read the Gospel, what catches our eye, and how do we translate it into our actions and decisions? Our reading of the Gospel shapes our view of the world. We rejoice to see a ray of light that cuts through a thick layer of clouds because it reminds us that there is still the sun above the clouds, and with time, the wind will blow them away. Should not we challenge ourselves, then, to become like that bright ray of sunlight in someone's life darkened by sin? To light his way and remind him that there is still hope? We are alive, and so is the Lord, and we can all come to meet him if we choose to, despite the hardships and the distance.

The Lord will show us the way in any situation. With him, there are no dead ends. People's wrath, irritability or infirmity may put them in a predicament. Yet, when they return to God, He will guide us to a solution and open new horizons before us that we may never have imagined. All we need to do is keep going. When someone turns towards Christ, he will be heading towards Him despite the occasional stumbles and falls. When we do fall, we should not let ourselves lie in the dirt. We must rise to our feet and resume our journey, even when we feel unable to make a single move. Seeing our infirmity, the Lord will come down and bring us across all pits and snags to our destination. Let us thank God for his mercy now and forever.

Priest Valery Zakharov

March 23, 2021
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