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Learning process at the Ichthys Orthodox School

The Ichthys Orthodox School: what students are taught

In the previous article, we introduced to you our school, Ichthys Christian Orthodox School which has been open since 2015.
Today, we wish to share with you what our students are taught and how we lead them to become strong and courageous Christians.
The patron saint of the school is Saint Euphrosyne of Polotsk. Saint Euphrosyne is known for her work in the area of Christian enlightenment and catechism. She is also considered a patron saint of arts and education. Her feast day is widely celebrated at the school, and the annual pilgrimages are organized to Polotsk, the ancient city in Belarus where most of her ministry took place.
The school offers the students a complete and authentic Christian education. Students get to discover the life of Saint Euphrosyne, illustrating her diligence, patience and Christian virtues. Additionally, we offer students a wide choice of artistic and creative occupations, such as classical dance, animation, art, music, or drama. While cultivating individual talent and creativity, the school also encourages students to appreciate the power of art to enlighten spirits and minds and to see their artistic expression as a part of their service to others.
A vital part of Christian education is a supportive and loving school community, which includes teachers, parents, and monastics. “Our connectedness with the Convent is an important element of this, as it provides the children with a model of Christian life and ministry,” notes the director of the school, Nun Olga.
The Convent’s clergy and monastics lead the worship services and have meetings and talks with the students.
“All the children have great love and respect for the Convent’s spiritual father archpriest Andrey Lemeshonok”, says Nun Olga. “He leads our weekly liturgies each Wednesday and stays after the liturgies to talk with the children. He is not afraid of raising even the most challenging and ‘adult’ matters and does so with a lot of respect. He talks about responding to difficulties and the power of the prayer to change one’s own life and the life of others”.

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If you are inspired by the commitment of Ichthys School and St Elisabeth Convent to teach these students Christian values and provide an excellent education, you can invest in the students’ and school’s future by clicking this link. Every donor will be personally thanked and included in the Сonvent’s liturgical prayer schedule.

June 24, 2020
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