Ceramics Studio of St Elisabeth Convent Minsk

Ceramics Studio

May 05, 2020

ceramics studio

The ceramics studio is one of the oldest at the Convent. In service for more than 15 years, it performs the full cycle of production from design to the delivery of the finished product. The studio’s products can be found in private collections across the world - in Belarus, Russia, Poland, Germany and elsewhere.

The beauty of its handmade ceramic products is truly timeless. They are known under the Ella Ceramica brand, which represents exquisiteness and exclusivity. Every item is the only one of its kind. Throughout the production process, from design to delivery, we rely on a combination of innovation and the more traditional and time-tested techniques.

ceramic tea set

Relief Decoration.

The technique of painting on wet enamel is traditional and has existed for a long time. The products made in this technique display a great variety of composition and have a unique and inimitable texture. Gilding makes pottery and souvenirs look luxurious and festive.

Overglaze painting

The process of painting on the surface of a ceramic piece resembles watercolour painting to a certain extent. The Ella Ceramica products made with this technique will add an air of elegance and refinement to the atmosphere of your home.

ceramics studio


Decal is a technique that has been around for many decades. In it, a transfer picture, separated from the paper substrate in water, is placed on the surface of a porcelain item. The picture becomes firmly affixed to the item’s surface after firing. The large variety of pictures and themes will bring joy and comfort to your home.

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