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Ichthys Orthodox School of St Elisabeth Convent

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The Saint Elisabeth Belarusian Orthodox Convent runs and maintains the Ichthys Christian Orthodox School. It has been active since 2015. Because of the school’s commitment to Christian values and the students’ excellent academic results, enrollment to Ichthys has increased. 

The education offered to students is grounded in God’s truth and has great transformative power. Additionally, the school forms an important part of our social ministry, as the students are the future parents, leaders, and citizens. The school offers the students a complete and authentic Christian education. Students get to discover the life of Saint Euphrosyne, illustrating her diligence, patience and Christian virtues.

Additionally, we offer students a wide choice of artistic and creative occupations, such as classical dance, animation, art, music, or drama. While cultivating individual talent and creativity, the school also encourages students to appreciate the power of art to enlighten spirits and minds and to see their artistic expression as a part of their service to others.

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Today, thanks to the school’s strong dedication to teaching Christian values, we are now looking to expand enrolling, as more parents want their children to attend Ichthys. More parents wanting their children to attend Ichthys is a sign of recognition and achievement, but more students also bring challenges. It is a struggle for the teachers and Convent to raise the resources to welcome more students while advancing the existing ones to higher grades.

Because you believe, as we do, that Christian education is vital to the development of children and continuation of our Christian values in a society, we ask that you assist in our efforts to expand our curriculum and enrollment today. 

Please join us today in setting the stage for a continued commitment to Christian values with a contributing of $45.

If you can send a contribution of $90 or even $135 – to double or triple the impact of your investment in our efforts – or $250, $500, $1,000, or more, we urge you to do so. Even contributions of $15, $25, or whatever you can send today will help the school raise the funds we must have to continue expanding our enrollment.

God bless you, dear Friends!

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July 21, 2020
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