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The Ensemble from the Boarding Home performed in Poland

What Do The Joyful Hearts Sing About?

The Ensemble From The Boarding Home

The Joyful Hearts Ensemble performed in the cities and towns of Eastern Poland from 5 to 10 September 2017. Bialystok, Hajnowka, Bielsk-Podlaski, Grudek, Grabarka — the concert schedule of the ensemble, directed by Nun Sophia (Demianova) and consisting of the residents of the Care Home for people with mental disabilities [in Minsk City], is fully booked!

Alexander Davidovich, who works in the boarding home and hosts the concerts, believes that every concert is like a breath of fresh air for The Joyful Hearts. “Yes, it calls for a lot of effort but it is a big celebration, too,” he adds.

Why Do They Sing? How and What Kinds of Songs Do They Sing?

These actors consider it especially important to demonstrate what they can and do it wholeheartedly. When they are deprived of concerts, it is hard for them and they start to feel bad. Our Convent does its best to provide them with that opportunity, be it a concert in the rehabilitation centre or in Paris. Right now, they have the opportunity to perform in Eastern Poland.

Those who have heard them sing remarked how well these singers feel the words of the songs and the music, and how well they can convey the meanings to the audience.

Nun Sophia and the performers have prepared a special augmented programme for the concerts in Poland. The Joyful Hearts will tour with over twenty various concert pieces! They will sing well-known songs: Prayer, Prayer for Belarus, Birch Trees Make Noise, The Soul in Pain, Stars Came Down From The Sky, The Echo of Love, Shine Shine My Star, etc.

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They sing to the accompaniment of an accordion. The performers also play the spoons, the tambourine, the triangle, and the pipe, like an improvised orchestra.

How Do They Get Ready For The Concert?

The Joyful Hearts took a lot of effort in getting ready for concerts. The participants of the ensemble live in various units of the boarding home. It is only during the rehearsals that they can meet: the closer the time of departure, the more often they gather in order to sing, discuss, and drink tea together.

What Do The Joyful Hearts Dream About?

The Joyful Hearts justify their name because they wholeheartedly enjoy even the tiniest things. This might be the reason why they are so successful. Of course, we would like to add more drama to their concerts, so that they could express themselves not only through singing but also through certain actions on stage.

When our ensemble turns 30 — very soon, literally in a couple of years — we will organise a big anniversary concert and do everything to the best of our ability! Right now, we would like to invite everybody to come to our concerts!

The Joyful Hearts Concerts Schedule

05.09.2017 - Cerkiew Świętego Ducha, Białystok

06.09.2017 - Gminne Centrum Kultury w Gródku, Gródek

07.09.2017 - Dom Kultury, Bielsk Podlaski

08.09.2017 - Dom Kultury, Hajnówka

09.09.2017 - Prawosławny Dom Opieki "Eleos", Grabarka

10.09.2017 - Centrum Kultury Prawosławnej, Białystok


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