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Handmade Easter Gifts from Our Craftsmen

Share the Joy of Pascha with Easter Gifts

The Great Lent is about to begin.

We know that this season is not just a 40-day period when we cannot eat certain foods. It is much more than that. The Great Lent is our own personal pilgrimage to the Feast of all Feasts - the Holy Pascha or Easter.

Today, we invite you to do just that.

The Sisters of Saint Elisabeth Convent make it their top priority to share the joy of Easter with people all over the world this season. One way of doing that is through handcrafted Easter gifts, made with love and prayer at the Convent’s workshops.

easter eggs handmade

We are launching an online Easter market, where you will be able to purchase beautiful and unique handmade items, including:

Great Lenten and Easter items for adults:

  • Icons (handpainted);
  • Golgotha crosses;
  • CDs with Lenten and Paschal hymns and chants;
  • themed ceramic teapots, tea sets and mugs;

for children:

  • wooden hand-painted Easter eggs;
  • dolls and toys;
  • Easter baskets;
  • Easter bells and much more!

Each of those items can make a perfect and thoughtful gift for you or for the ones you love and care about. Click here to explore the many items in our online religious store.

There is also a charitable project called “Easter Basket”. All gifts purchased from this “Easter Basket” section will be given as Easter presents to children and adults from boarding homes that we care for in the Minsk area. If you wish to bring a smile to those less fortunate, you can make their Easter special following this link or by clicking on the picture below.

easter basket banner

Also, when you purchase items from our online store, you are also donating to our Convent’s many ministries that assist the poor, the homeless, and the sick.

Let’s celebrate the joyous feast of Pascha together and glorify the Lord, saying,

“Christ is risen from the dead, trampling down death by death, and upon those in the tombs bestowing life!” (The Paschal Troparion)

PS - If you or your loved ones need prayer support this Lenten season, please click on this link and send us your prayer request. The sisters of St Elisabeth Convent are always there to pray for you and your loved ones!

March 04, 2021
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